Star Aerospace Private limited is one of the leading manufacturers of Particulate Respirators (N95) mask. The company has grown as one of the most preferred & trusted name in the industry and has built its reputation around the qualitative products & services offered, with practical business sense.

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The COVID19 pandemic has devastated lives and livelihoods across the world but it has also enabled many answers from technology, and especially Artificial Intelligence (AI). Many industries, research labs, and scientists across the world have already created models, tools, and applications to predict places of outbreaks, track patients and warn about their spread, outline treatment priorities, maintain social order, control social media rumors, and fake news, etc.

Against this backdrop, Bennett University’s Department of Computer Science Engineering is organizing a global webinar on the theme: “AI Solutions for COVID”. Eminent policymakers, scientists, and industry leaders will come together on one platform to share their vision and strategies on how to accelerate AI and Data Science adoption for finding solutions for lockdown exit and will also throw light on the opportunities brought by COVID-19 to further adapt and deploy AI solutions.

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